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Reliability and Validity of the Symptom Inventories

The psychometric properties of Checkmate Plus symptom inventories are well described in their respective manuals. In addition, hundreds of articles have been published in peer-reviewed scientific journals that address some aspect of the reliability or validity of Checkmate Plus symptom inventories.  Briefly, the test-retest reliabilities of most disorder-based subscales range from moderate to high. Dozens of studies have compared symptom inventory subscales with structured psychiatric interviews or data-based psychiatric diagnoses in research-oriented teaching hospitals. The findings from these studies indicate reasonably low rates of false negatives (moderate to high sensitivity) and low rates of false positives (moderate to high specificity) for most disorders.  Checkmate Plus symptom Inventory subscales show reasonably high agreement with other commonly used behavior rating scales and easily differentiate clinical and nonclinical samples. In addition, research clearly shows that many subscales evidence sensitivity to treatment effects. An extensive annotated bibliography of research studies that used at least one Checkmate Plus measure can be accessed here

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