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Child Symptom Inventory-4


The Child Symptom Inventory-4 (CSI-4) is a behavior rating scale for evaluating the symptoms of DSM-IV and DSM-5 emotional and behavioral disorders among children between 5 and 12 years old who are attending elementary school (kindergarten thru 6th grade). There are both parent- and teacher-completed versions. The CSI-4: Parent Checklist contains 97 items for over a dozen emotional and behavioral disorders, and the CSI-4: Teacher Checklist contains 77 items. The CSI-4 can be scored to derive symptom count cutoff scores (diagnostic model) or symptom severity scores (T scores based on a dimensional model). Scoring is quick and easy with user-friendly score sheets

The CSI-4 assesses the symptoms of the following disorders:  *AD/HD  *oppositional defiant disorder  *conduct disorder   *generalized anxiety disorder  *social phobia  *separation anxiety disorder  *major depressive disorder  *persistent depressive mood  *schizophrenia  *autistic disorder  *Asperger's disorder. In addition there are one or two items for each of the following disorders:  *specific phobia  *obsessive-compulsive disorder  *adjustment disorder  *motor tics  *vocal tics  *encopresis  *enuresis.

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