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ADHD School Observation Code


Experts recommend using direct observations of school behavior in evaluations of children with AD/HD. An observer uses the ADHD School Observation Code (ADHD SOC) to assess the behavioral symptoms of AD/HD, oppositional defiant disorder, and conduct problems in structured (classroom), semi-structured (lunchroom), and unstructured (playground) settings. Research shows that direct observations of child behaviors are important when making differential diagnoses, planning special education services, formulating treatment plans, and monitoring response to intervention.

The ADHD School Observation Code Manual reviews the diagnostic criteria for AD/HD and other disruptive behavior disorders, describes the definitions for each behavior code category, and presents the findings from 13 years of research involving the use of the ADHD SOC in public school settings. The Manual also describes how the ADHD SOC can be used to evaluate children with AD/HD and assess response to treatment.


The ADHD SOC KIT contains the Manual, a tablet of 25 Classroom ADHD SOC Code Sheets, a tablet of 25 Lunchroom/Playground ADHD SOC Code Sheets, Classroom Training Code Sheets, and Lunchroom/Playground Training Code Sheets.

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