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ADHD Sympton Checklist-4


The ADHD Symptom Checklist-4 (ADHD-SC4) is a 50-item rating scale for evaluating response to treatment in children and adolescents with AD/HD (ages 3 to 18 years). The same version can be completed by parents and teachers. The ADHD-SC4 comprises four subscales: DSM-5 symptoms of AD/HD; DSM-5 symptoms of oppositional defiant disorder (ODD); the Peer Conflict Scale, which measures interpersonal peer aggression; and the Stimulant Side Effects Checklist (to monitor medication). The ADHD-SC4 can be scored to derive symptom count cutoff scores (diagnostic model) or symptom severity scores (T scores based on a dimensional model). Scoring is quick and easy with user-friendly score sheets.



ADHD-SC4 Checklists are sold in packages of 50 and 100 checklists. ADHD-SC4 Score Summary Records are included. The ADHD-SC4 Checklist is available in Spanish and is keyed to the English-language version item-by-item.

ADHD-SC4 Symptom Severity Profile score sheets (dimensional scoring) are sold separately in in packets of 50 each. The Profiles present T scores and corresponding raw scores for each diagnostic category with symptom severity cutoffs. The Profiles present scores for boys and girls and for parent and teacher ratings separately.

The ADHD-SC4 Symptom Checklist-4 Manual reviews DSM diagnostic criteria and describes research about reliability, validity, and treatment sensitivity; normative data; scoring guidelines; and clinical applications for categorical scoring and dimensional scoring.

The ADHD-SC4 Deluxe Kit contains the Manual, 50 ADHD-SC4 Checklists, 50 summary score records (with scoring instructions and cutoff scores), and 50 symptom severity (T scores) score sheets.

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