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Substance Use Disorders


Substance Use Disorders Category


There are 6-to-7-symptoms of substance use disorders in the following Checkmate Plus Symptom Inventories:


  • Adolescent Symptom Inventory (middle school, junior & senior high school)

  • Child and Adolescent Symptom Inventory (elementary & secondary school)

  • Youth’s (Self Report) Inventory (middle school, junior & senior high school)

  • Adult Inventories (adults)


DSM-5 specifies an extensive array of substance use disorders to include substance use, substance intoxication, substance withdrawal, substance-induced disorders, and substance-related disorders and specifically singles out alcohol, caffeine, cannabis, hallucinogens, inhalants, opioids, stimulants, sedatives-hypnotics, and tobacco. These substances are noted in the Substance Use Disorders section of Checkmate Plus Symptom Inventories.


Studies have shown that elevated Substance Use Disorder scores are associated with more severe psychiatric symptoms, representative examples of which are Birungi, Ssembajjwe, Salisbury, et al., 2020; Dafinoiu, Olaya, and Essau, 2021; Rubio, Oyanedel, Cancino, et al., 2020; and Williams, Leister, Chernoff, et al., 2010. Abstracts of these and other studies can be accessed by clicking the link to Research Bibliography.



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