Ages 3 to 5 Years    By Joyce Sprafkin, Ph.D. and Kenneth D. Gadow, Ph.D


The Early Childhood Inventory-4 (ECI-4) is a behavior rating scale that screens for DSM-IV emotional and behavioral disorders in children between 3 and 5 years old.  The ECI-4: Parent Checklist  contains 108 items that screen for 15 emotional and behavioral disorders, and the ECI-4: Teacher Checklist contains 87 items that screen for 13 emotional and behavioral disorders.  The ECI-4 can be scored to derive Symptom Count scores (diagnostic model) or Symptom Severity scores (normative data model).  Scoring is quick and easy with user-friendly score sheets. 

DISORDERS INCLUDED: *AD/HD   *Oppositional Defiant Disorder   *Conduct Disorder   *Generalized Anxiety Disorder   *Social Phobia *Separation Anxiety Disorder   *Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder   *Specific Phobia   *Selective Mutism   *Major Depressive Disorder *Dysthymic Disorder   *Reactive Attachment Disorder   *Pervasive Developmental Disorder   *Asperger's Disorder   *Motor Tics   *Vocal Tics *Posttraumatic Stress Disorder   *Problems in Eating, Sleeping, Elimination 

RESEARCH:  ECI-4 scores demonstrate satisfactory test-retest reliability, show a high degree of correspondence with psychiatric diagnosis (predictive validity), and correlate well with other commonly used dimensional scales (concurrent validity).  The norm sample for the Parent Checklist (N=531) and the Teacher Checklist (N=398) consisted of children between 3 and 5 years old who attended day care, preschool, and Head Start programs.  T scores and raw scores for males and females are presented separately on Symptom Severity Profile score sheets. 

PRODUCT INFORMATION:  The ECI-4 Screening Manual is a 117-page book that reviews diagnostic criteria and describes research, scoring guidelines, and clinical applications for Symptom Count scores. The ECI-4 Norms Manual is a 184-page book that presents normative data and describes research, scoring guidelines, and clinical applications for Symptom Severity scores. The ECI-4 Deluxe Kit contains the Screening Manual, the Norms Manual,  25 Parent Checklists, 25 Teacher Checklists, 50 Symptom Count score sheets (with scoring instructions, cutoff scores, and rule out diagnoses), and 50 Symptom Severity Profile (T scores) score sheets for both Parent and Teacher Checklists.


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